Hey. What's Up? Hello.

I have had many a false start with my website this year.  Many drafts of articles with carefully thought out musings that sit completed or near complete saved to my desktop.  Ideas trapped as bullet points in notebooks transferred from purse to backpack and back to purse.  Bursts of creativity captured in the Notes app on my iPhone only to be pushed down by other more pertinent notes such as grocery lists and brunch suggestions.

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I Found Some Inspiration at a Poetry Slam

“Hickory dickory dock goes my biological clock”

These were the first words out of a tiny, curly-hair poet as she declared her desire to have children and attempt to not scare off potential partners.  I applauded so loudly and yelled out a hearty “Yasssss!” that my date sitting next to me jumped.   This poet had a great spirit and brought it to the stage.  It was clear this is where she felt comfortable, performing in front of an audience.

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The Time I Took a Break From Social Media...

It was the end of March 2014 and the Polar Vortex still had us in its grip.  I was sitting at my desk trying to complete a freelance assignment.  I had slipped into a pattern of working the night shift, which involved starting work around 10 PM and wrapping up around 6 AM.  I would make my way wearily to my bed, text my dad and ask him to call me at noon to wake me up.  When I woke up I would immediately sign in to Linkedin, Indeed and any other job board and apply to any job that I felt remotely qualified for.  Things were looking bleak, no job prospects, weight gain that had me purchasing another pair of jeans in a size I swore I would NOT stay at and an interesting graduate project that I could not seem to gather any energy to focus on.  I did however, find time to chuckle at silly six second Vines (which you actually watch at least five times to catch everything), view Instagram posts, send the expected birthday greeting when notified by Facebook and tweet random thoughts.  Social media had become where I found my solace.  I took comfort in the goings-on of other people's lives and conveniently was not living my own.

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