Happy New Year!

By North American standards I'm late. The new year has been ticking along for the past 39 days.  I've been a bit down about not taking advantage of these first 39 days of 2016.  When I feel compelled to beat myself up about it, I go back and look at last blog post. I was feeling really hopeful, energetic and optimistic.  Not even two weeks after that post life decided to assert itself and things got "twist-turned-upside-down" and I got on an emotional rollercoaster (no Vivian Green) that had more downs than ups.  Side note: I do NOT enjoy rollercoasters in general.  I'm happy to join you at the amusement park and hold your belongings as you are suspended in the air for what seems like hours before plunging hundreds of feet to near certain death, but I digress...

Yes, I missed out on the "new year, new me" declarations, vision-boarding, new years resolutions, reviving of last years new years resolutions and the like. I just did not have the energy, will or inspiration to create a vision of what I wanted 2016 to embody.  I've been thinking about how best to start and two things happened today that propelled me to move forward:

Thing #1:  Episode 24 of the Happy Black Woman Podcast

I've been listening to this podcast series with inspirational women talking about how they are achieving their entrepreneurial goals.  It is hosted by Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman .  The guest on this episode, Carol Sankar, said something that resonated deeply:   "Time is a form of currency. Every time you delay to tomorrow, you are missing out". While this message is by no means new knowledge, the way she relayed how women tend to put off or delay to our own detriment really struck a cord.  The underlying message was that confident women make confident decisions.  

Thing #2:   Chinese New Year

Today I was facilitating a personal development course on how to better understand yourself and one of my participants shared that she wanted to start the new year learning how to better herself.  So instead of taking the day off of work to celebrate the new year she was taking the day to reflect on herself.  I decided to do the same thing.

Now I know myself well enough that I can get derailed and get way off track.  Today, on this first day of the Chinese New Year I've decided to make a commitment to myself to keep trying.  When I fall off, I will try to get back on. If I cannot get back on track, I will phone-a-friend for words of encouragement.  When I'm feeling nocturnal and it's too damn late to be calling anyone's phone I will play this video and do the choreography. And slay.

Sheri Llycia