Work! Work! Work!: One Easy Way to be More Productive

After my Happy Chinese New Year post, I have been considering all the ways in which I could be better at getting things done.  This week the theme has definitely been productivity, time management and completing tasks.  I think what kicked in for me was a level of panic about not completing the requirements for my graduate program and ALL of the long-term goals that I want to accomplish.  After attending to myself and getting off of a fairly rocky emotional rollercoaster I realized that I needed to imbed some processes in my day-to-day to help with being productive.  So, I wanted to share one thing that has been critical to me having a reasonably productive last two weeks.

Have A Full Day Schedule

I find that I am very productive at the office and not so productive when I am at home.  The major difference or major key (word to DJ Khaled) is that every day before I leave work I create a plan for the next day.  A typical work schedule might look like this:

9 AM – 11 AM:   Workshop

11 AM – 12 PM:  Conference call

12 PM – 1 PM:   Lunch (hopefully not at my desk)

1 PM – 2 PM:    Webinar

2 PM – 3 PM:   Conference call

3 PM – 5 PM:   Workshop prep

After the day is over, I highlight any tasks I did not complete and shift them to the following day.  Once I leave the office I know that I don’t have to worry about what needs to get done tomorrow.  Going home however, is a different story.  My evenings were so unscheduled and unplanned I felt as if I was constantly playing catch up.  I would be thinking of all these tasks I wanted to do when I got home and then would end up wrapped in a blanket on my couch, drinking wine and watching YouTube videos. 

I noticed that when I am at work I accomplish tasks in my plan, I am able to focus and that focus allows me to be more creative and engaged. This is exactly the feeling I wanted to translate at home.  What I have been doing for the last two weeks is creating a schedule for after work.  A typical evening schedule might look like this:

5 PM – 6 PM: Commute home

6 PM – 7 PM: Make and eat dinner

7 PM – 8 PM: Webinar

8PM – 9 PM:  Fold laundry and pack lunch

9PM – 10 PM:   Change bed sheets and email two potential clients

10 PM – 11 PM:   Twist hair and prepare for bed

Having this schedule made me realize how much time I was wasting in the evenings and how much time I had to actually do the things that were really important to me.  Guess what? The YouTube videos and wine did not disappear, now I just indulge when time permits. 

One YouTube video that I did make time for was Superwoman's Five REAL Ways to Get Your Work Done.  I have been watching her videos for some time now and I have to say that I have not seen a work ethic quite like hers.  Her hustle is unparalleled and that has led her to going on a world tour, releasing a feature film about said tour and continuing to create content for two, yes TWO, YouTube channels.  She is inspiring to say the least and not because she is also from Toronto and loves Soca music.

If completing tasks and doing work is on your mind and you need a little musical inspiration, Rihanna also released a 30-second teaser for her song Work.

You’re welcome.


Sheri Llycia