Hey. What's Up? Hello.

I have had many a false start with my website this year.  Many drafts of articles with carefully thought out musings that sit completed or near complete saved to my desktop.  Ideas trapped as bullet points in notebooks transferred from purse to backpack and back to purse.  Bursts of creativity captured in the Notes app on my iPhone only to be pushed down by other more pertinent notes such as grocery lists and brunch suggestions.

This post is not designed to be one where I state any declarations, commitments or timelines as to when I will write and how often. That just does not work for me.  Rather, I will say that I want to use this space as one where I can share some thoughts, throw out random ideas and try the occasional ‘ting. 

If you are so inclined, bear with me and read a thing or two.  I am currently trying to make my way through obstacles of self-doubt, hesitation and procrastination.  I feel encouraged, supported and motivated to do more and that is simply where I will begin.

Apparently, Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) once said, “The beginning is always today.”  I am going to take her word for it.


Sheri Llycia